All about food

Delicious, fresh, locally sourced fine dining at The Retreat

Breakfast is complimentary and includes the following:

  • Tea/coffee
  • Toast
  • Butter
  • Home-made preserves, marmalade and local honey
  • Cornflakes or oats
  • Eggs to order (Our scrambled eggs on toast and omelettes are generally acknowledged to be a great way to start the day. We make equally good (if not as exciting) poached/fried/boiled eggs.) OR equivalent vegetarian options (toasted cheese-and-veg sandwiches/upma/poha/alu parathas/ whatever else is on offer)
  • Fruit in season

Extra servings of eggs/vegetarian goodies, glasses of milk/hot chocolate, special requests (if possible), etc. will be at an extra charge.
Specials/Add-ons: Swiss-style rosti, freshly baked rolls or croissants, bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes/mushrooms, fat and fluffy pancakes, elegant crepes . . . Please request these well in advance, so we can source ingredients and make our preparations.
Extra breakfast (e.g., when guests arrive very early in the morning, before check-in time) is Rs 300 per head.

Morning and evening tea are complimentary

Lunch and Dinner

Vegetarian: ₹ 600 per adult per meal, ₹300 for children.
Non-vegetarian: ₹ 700 per adult per meal, ₹ 350 for children

We offer home-cooked Indian and Continental cuisine, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There are 8-10 items on the table in a vegetarian meal, 9-11 in a non-vegetarian meal. The quantities are ample, the food delicious; guests have always got up satisfied and very full and happy. The ingredients are locally sourced and as far as possible from nearby organic village farms, besides herbs and some greens etc., from our own organic garden.

A typical lunch is usually Indian vegetarian:

  • Fresh salad with delicious home-made dressing (you might persuade us to share the recipe!)
  • Rice
  • Chapatties
  • Dal
  • Paneer dish
  • Vegetables (1 or 2 dishes, depending on local availability of produce)
  • Dahi/raita
  • Pickles and/or freshly made chutney
  • Dessert*

Dinner is usually Continental, veg and/or non-veg, customized to your preferences. We use ingredients from our organic herb garden, and locally sourced fresh garden produce. Non-vegetarians tend to sample the vegetarian goodies as well, of course!. The menu is something like this:

  • Soup (made at home, flavoured with herbs from the garden)
  • Fresh, home-made bread (white/whole wheat). We bake specially crafted Multigrain-multiseed bread on request, @ Rs 200 a loaf (enough for 4-6 persons)
  • Butter/special home-made spread
  • Non-veg main course (pot roast, rissoles, stew, grilled or baked chicken, fried fish, Czech goulash, etc.
  • Veg main course (our signature cheese cutlets#, soya kebabs, vegetarian goulash, mushroom quiche, vegetable pie, etc.)
  • Gravy or sauce to accompany it, if required by main course
  • Potato dish/macaroni/dumplings
  • Vegetables (1 or 2 dishes, depending on local availability of produce)
  • Home-made pickles/relish
  • Dessert*

 Special dinners

  • Italian dinner: Soup, salad, pasta, home-baked bread, butter/spread, veg/non-veg thin-crust pizzas made from scratch, veg/non-veg side dish, dessert, tea/coffee (Rs 800 non-veg, Rs 700 veg per head)
  • Baked fish dinner: Soup, salad, home-baked bread, butter/spread; Whole baked fish marinated in butter, lemon and home-grown organic herbs; vegetables; potatoes; dessert; tea/coffee (Rs 750 per head)
  • Roast chicken dinner: Soup, salad, home-baked bread, butter/spread; whole roast stuffed chicken, marinated in garlic, home-grown organic herbs, lemon and butter, with apricot or honey glaze; sauce/gravy; vegetables; potatoes; dessert; tea/coffee (at Rs 700 per head)

# Vegetarians love our signature veg dish – two-cheese croquettes that are crunchy, crispy and golden outside, soft and cheesy (but not too cheesy) inside. Their non-vegetarian companions love them just as much.

* Desserts include a delicious variety: tarts, pies, cheesecake, cakes, chocolate mousse, panna cotta, fresh fruit salads and compotes, fruit-and-custard, and much more to make you feel very, very wicked and very, very happy. Choice of what is made depends largely on the dessert cook (Paddy) and comes as a pleasant surprise at the end of the meal.

Cheaper options
If you want very simple, no-frills meals, then lunch and dinner can be offered at lower rates, depending on the degree of simplicity. But in general people love to eat all we can offer.

Other extras

  • Barbecue dinner with bonfire is ₹800 per adult, half for children.
  • Picnic lunches at ₹300 per adult, ₹150 for kids.
  • High tea (freshly home-baked scones/cake + sandwiches + biscuits) at ₹400 per adult, ₹200 for kids).