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Dhuni Road Trips


Journey into Kumaon on our folk music-centric road trips. We drive to the interiors of Kumaon with our in-house musicians and camp out with local folk music communities along the way.


Our pre-selected campsites are primarily in areas where traditional music is still being performed, and in some cases being passed down to the younger generation for either posterity or income augmentation.
Some such young musicians will accompany us throughout the trip.


We ensure that we make the most of the scenic drives each day and camp at the best possible locations – be they riversides, forests or high-altitude meadows.
Our camps are well equipped with spacious tents, camping furniture, portable kitchen /dining area, and portable showers and dry toilets.


Our itineraries are flexible to accommodate your predilections and other activities like hiking, birding, rock climbing, fishing or outdoor photography.


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